【醫道閣】結合了傳統中醫中藥和其他自然療法,開發出獨特的治療方法。 我們相信結合自然療法-傳統醫學,特色手法,芳香療法,音療等,為患者提供最全面、最有效、最適合的治療方案。 由於人體的獨特性與個體性,我們【醫道閣】的專業醫師會仔細地找出並解決造成每個患者所帶來的疼痛,身體和情緒等問題的根本原因。 疾病的根本原因可能包括生活方式和飲食習慣,不良的姿勢習慣,骨骼和結構變異,疼痛張力的來源,有時甚至是壓抑的情緒,它們與身心之間都有很強的聯繫。 每種身體上的疼痛或症狀通常會有至少一個根本原因的結果。 通過提倡「預防勝於治療」的態度來促進中醫基礎的發展,我們致力於提高人們對整體健康-心理、情緒以及身體這三個方面之間的相關性的認識。

【Virtue TCM】is a holistic treatment centre that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and other natural therapies to develop a unique treatment therapy. We believe that combining natural remedies - traditional medicine, manipulation techniques, aromatherapy, sound healing - we give the best and most effective treatment plans to our clients. In order to personalise treatment plans, our professional physicians at Virtue TCM examine and address the deeper underlying causes of pain, physical and emotional issues for each patient. The root causes of diseases can include lifestyle and diet, poor postural habits, skeletal and structural variations, tensions in connective tissues, and sometimes, even repressed emotions that have a strong mind-body connection. Each physical pain or symptom is generally a result of more than one root cause. In line with promoting the basis of TCM by encouraging a “prevention is better than cure” attitude, we are dedicated to creating awareness of general overall mental, emotional and physical health, and the correlation between these three areas of our bodies.